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NwW Community Council


Nayland with Wissington Community Council is able to support local community or voluntary not-for-profit organisations for the benefit of Nayland with Wissington residents. This may be to help fund a specific project, purchase of equipment or event costs.

Subject to funding being available, Nayland with Wissington Community Council is committed to maintaining and improving the range of activities and facilities within Nayland with Wissington for the benefit of its residents in line with the aims of its Constitution.

The Council’s financial support is provided by way of grants which are considered on their merit against a range of criteria set by, and which can be amended from time to time by, Nayland with Wissington Community Council.

The Grants Policy and Guidelines and application form is available here:
Click for an online form - Click for a printable form

Please note applications should be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to meetings - the dates are shown on the Meetings page



Recent Grants Awarded

Grant for Nayland Baby & Toddler Group

An application has been received to help cover the cost of hiring the village hall to the end of 2017. Members felt continuation of the group was important and agreed to fund the arrears and future costs to a maximum of £646 towards a shortfall due to current fluctuating attendance..

On behalf of the group, Karen Tranter and Charlotte Durance thanked the CC for their support.  They were pleased to say there is currently a good group of families who come regularly   and some new families from outside the village have been attending.  The number of families may change in September when older siblings start nursery or school, but word of mouth and Facebook are working well, so they are positive that we will keep good numbers.  They are also working closely with Woodland Corner playgroup.  Activities during the sessions have been increased and have recently included doing nice crafts, making superheroes, Father's Day cards and messy play with cornflour, sensory foam and playdough.    

July 2017

  Baby & Toddler Group

Grant for Nayland Community Post Office Company

In October 2016 the Community Council agreed to a grant request of up to £2,500 for seedcorn capital the purpose of which was to get the Community Company off the ground, i.e. register the company with the regulators and other authorities, give the resources to conduct due diligence on the business acquition of the post office, and fund the publicity costs of the share issue and public awareness campaign. 

Members felt this will be very beneficial for the community and options have been thoroughly explored by the volunteer teams involved.

Progres can be viewed on the Save Our Post Office Campaign website.


  Save Our Post Office

Grant to Nayland Village Hall Management Committee: Endowment Fund

Nayland Village Hall Management Committee received a grant of £1,000 in October 2016 towards the Village Hall Endowment Fund.

The Endowment Fund was set up at a committee meeting of the VHMC on 8th May 2007: "In order to secure the future and to safeguard against unexpected emergencies, the Treasurer is authorised to set up a separate endowment fund with restricted access to hold monies donated to the Hall by organisations and members of the public either from bequests or donations or grants specifically identified for the Endowment Fund. Use of these funds can only be authorised with the agreement of both Nayland with Wissington Parish Council and Nayland and Wiston Community Council and the Village Hall Management Committee."

The Community Council has contributed £1.000 to this fund annually, with the exception of 2 years when other large grants were made to the Village Hall.

  Nayland Village Hall

Grant for Nayland Conservation Society: Court Knoll Project

In March 2016 the Community Council agreed to a grant request for £500 towards historical investigation work which would commence in September at Court Knoll. The total cost would be approx £8,000; £4,000 from Conservation Society funds and £3,500 grant from the Stour Valley Trust.

In September the Community Council agreed to set aside a further £500 . The Conservation Society feel they have a great opportunity to discover as much as they can about this piece of Nayland history.

A letter of thanks from Mike Hunter, their Chairman, stated the project was been hugely successful, both in terms of community involvement and historical discovery. More information abouut the Court Knoll project can be found on their website.

March & September 2016

  Court Knoll

Grant for Nayland Baby & Toddler Group

The Community Council contributed £150 towards a shortfall in current running costs due to fluctuating attendance. Members felt it was important to support this group.

Since a recent promotion drive numbers had picked up a little and promotion was continuing. New leaders were successfully sought to take over from September.

March 2016

  Mother & Toddler Group

Grant for Parish Recorder's History Exhibition

The Community Council contributed towards the cost of an exhibition held by Wendy Sparrow, the Parish Recorder for Nayland with Wissington.

The exhibition gave visitors a fascinating insight into the village’s past and present. The two-day event was held at the church hall over the weekend of 13th-14th February 2016 and attracted new and older residents as well as others who had moved away and some from outside the village.  Visitors to the exhibition included Dr Margaret Thomas, chairman of Suffolk Local History Council.

The display featured numerous photographs, press cuttings, documents, parish magazines, books and other memorabilia from Mrs Sparrow’s archives.

She has lived in the village with husband Richard since 1972 and said she was addicted to collecting anything relating to Nayland’s history.
“The hall was absolutely packed nearly all the time and people kept coming back for another look,” she said. “It far exceeded our expectations and was a great success.”

January 2016

  Nayland History Exhibition 2016

Grant to Nayland Village Hall Management Committee

Nayland Village Hall Management Committee recently received a grant of £3,500 from the Community Council towards the cost of refurbishment of the Village Hall kitchen. This involved the purchase of an additional catering stove and hot cupboard, improving the electrical system and alterations to the existing cupboards.  

Village Hall Treasurer, Peter Mann, thanked the Community Council and said the Management Committee is endebted to the Community Council for this very generous grant, which has helped us to significantly improve the  Hall kitchen facilities, to the benefit of existing and future users.

January 2016

  Grant to Village Hall

Grant to Nayland Community First Responders

The Nayland First Respnders recently recieved a grant of £400 from the Community Council towards a new iPAD defibrillator. The device incorporates the latest technology and can be used with adults or children in cardiac arrest.  

Co-ordinator, Karen Elliot, thanked the Community Council and said having a second kit will enable them to offer simultaneous localised cover.

More information about the role of a Community First Responder can be found on the East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust website, or to apply to join the Nayland Community First Responders, please contact Karen Elliott on 01206 263233.

  Nayland First Responders

Grant to Nayland Table Tennis Club

The Nayland Table Tennis Club recently recieved a grant of £250 from the Community Council to purchase a third table tennis table.

Club organiser, Neil Barbrook, said thanks to the grant members can play singles and doubles in a light hearted friendly environment.

The Table Tennis Club meets on Monday afternoons at the Village Hall from 2pm-3.30pm.

New members are welcome and anyone interested can contact Neil Barbrook on 01206 263619.

  Table Tennis Club 2015

Grant to Nayland Carpet Bowls Club

The Nayland Carpet Bowls Club recently recieved a grant of £350 from the Community Council for a device that rolls the bowling carpet onto a storage frame.

Club Secreatary, Eva Rolffe, said the grant was much appreciated as this device will make the task of rolling the heavy bowls carpets much easier.

The Bowls Group have been very successful in the winter and wummer leages and they organise an annual charity tounament in May. They meet on Wednesday evenings at Nayland Village Hall. Anyone interested in joining them should telephone their secretary, Eva Rolfe, on 01206 263151.

  Bowls Grant 2015

Grant to Nayland Over 60s Club

The Nayland Luncheon Club for the Over 60s recently recieved a grant of £300 from the Community Council towards the costs of their annual Christmas Party. It was felt Olga Alexander and her team of helpers provide excellent monthly lunches and the community Council were pleased to support them.

Olga Alxander said "I would like to say a big thank you to the Community Council on behalf of myself, all my helpers and members of the Over 60s Luncheon Club for their generous grant for the Christmas Lunch.

We had a very good attendance at the Christmas Party; they enjoyed traditional roast turkey, fruit salad, mince pies, crackers and a small present. To complete the afternoon we had carol singing led by Ken Willingale and accompanied by Mandy Cook. I am assured they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves at the party.

December 2014

  Christmas Partyfor Over 60s

Grant to the Fairfield Recreation Ground Project

A grant of £1,000 was awarded towards this proceted to update the 30 year old playground equipment on the Parish Council's Fairfield recreation Gound. The project ws expected to cost £25,000.

Rachel Hitchcock on behalf of the committee formed to undertake this project said "We are delighted that the Transforming Nayland Playground Project is now complete and our new and improved playground is being enjoyed by the community."

"A huge thank you to all those who supported the project and put in the time and effort to research, plan and raise the funds needed. The playground was updated with much appreciated support from The BigLotteryFund, Babergh District Council, Nayland with Wissington Parish Council and Community Council."

November 2014